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Have you ever seen a sweeter expression? Adorable Ralph is a plumo bear, made up of both mohair and plush, and part of a limited edition numbered collection. Ralph has an amazing mix of black, grey and white fur. He has an incredible look with extra tufts of fur around his head tinged in grey and black.

He has rounded ears like that of a real bear and expressive light brown eyes. His face is dark grey under his eyes while his trimmed back muzzle is white, allowing his hand-stitched grey nose and mouth to stand out. His paws are surrounded by extra tufts of fur, making him extremely fluffy. His carefully sculpted and airbrushed paws are black while the stitching for his claws are white, complementing the rest of his look.

He is adorned with a thin silver bow around his neck which is a gorgeous contrast to his dark fur. With fur as soft as a cloud, Ralph is an ideal cuddle buddy. Ralph is part of the 2021 Charlie Bears Plush Collection and is fully jointed. Ralph is 37cm tall (or 12 bear paws high).