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Say hello to lovely Lisa! A plumo bear, made from both plush fur and mohair, Lisa is very special and only limited to 3000 worldwide. With incredible lilac-coloured fur, Lisa is enchanting and the most gorgeous addition to your Charlie Bear family.

Her fur, while lilac all over, is mottled with white on her arms and legs. She has amazing tufts of fur all over her  head which has been very lightly tipped with a darker colour while the long fluffy fur adds to her fun-loving nature! The fur near her dark eyes has been trimmed back and has touches of white underneath to make them stand out. Her muzzle is a pure white colour and showcases her adorable golden-toned nose and mouth which has been carefully hand-stitched. Lisa has great big hand-made paw pads which have been expertly sculpted and airbrushed, giving them extra texture and definition. Making them extra special is the golden stitching which match her other golden accents and provide an extra stunning look.

Adorned with a beautiful white striped bow, Lisa is a charming bear perfect to cuddle with. She stands tall at 36cm (or 12 bear paws high!) and is part of the 2020 Charlie Bears collection.