FYRIAN Single Malt Candle


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This fragrance is inspired from the unapologetically bold notes that come from tasting a single malt scotch whisky. It conjures up the scene of a quality evening in, fireplace crackling with good company. Light jazz playing on vinyl, cigar in hand. Time slows down and you focus on the here and now.  An earthy , floral and sweet-spicy aroma of lavender, vetiver, musk, vanilla and cinnamon.

Dimensions H 6.7cm x W 9.8cm | Fill Volume 265g

Most candles are taller than they are wide. Not Fyrian. The greater width of the Fyrian vessel, and walls that gently shape outward (convex), were designed to allow more wax surface area and therefore maximum 'scent throw'. This means your house smells extra-incredible. Double wicks were chosen to help achieve an even burn across the surface of the wax. This means you're less likely to see 'tunneling' and waste wax.

Syrian knowscandles are often a gifting moment, so it was important to create an unforgettable unboxing experience. The matte black packaging is sharp and angular, it opens up in a way that elegantly showcases the vessel perched inside. Put a smile on their face - or your own.

Burn time 50+ Hours

Soy Wax

Poured in Australia